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April 05, 2020 1 min read

You've heard the phrases, and you've seen them on our t-shirts: Homeschool Mama Bear and Homeschool Mama Llama.  Up until now, there may have been some confusion as to which category best suits you.  Well...we've got the solution.  Take the quiz below to find out once and for all if you are a Homeschool Mama Llama or a Homeschool Mama Bear!

Don't forget to grab one of our shirts to proudly show off your Homeschool Mama Style!  And Pin the image below so other homeschool moms can answer finally settle this question for themselves:

homeschool quiz

Homeschool Mama bears are cuddly and lovable, but also have ferocious instincts and often show strength and toughness in face of adversity. Homeschool Mama llamas are chill and laid back most of the time; protective, but not quite so easy to rile up. Both would do anything for their kiddos!

Which answer did you get?  Drop it in the comments to let us know!

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