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10 Fun Ways to Celebrate the First Day of Homeschool

July 31, 2019 4 min read

I can’t believe it’s almost time for our school year to begin again!  This summer seemed to fly by, each day spent with my kids has been priceless, and I’m reminded of just how blessed I am to be a homeschool mama. 

This summer looked a bit different for us than in years past (new baby, some unexpected house projects), and I didn’t quite get to every item on our bucket list or finish up all the unfinished curriculum I had intended to (anyone with me?), but we recharged our batteries and are ready to get back into a nice routine. 

I’m excited to make some new memories this school year with my now 2nd grader, my 1st grade twin girls, and our 8 month old who will be tagging along.

I have always loved the “back to school” season, and want to create that same excitement for my kids (after all, “back to school” looks just a little bit different for us homeschooling families).  That’s why each year we’ve done a few special things to create memorable first day traditions and get us off to a great start.

Here are 10 fun ideas that we have tried that you might want to incorporate into your first day back to school.  You don’t have to do them all – just pick a couple that feel right for you and your family, and have fun with it! 

First Day of Homeschool

1. Make a special breakfast

Get the morning off to a fun start with a special breakfast that you don’t have everyday. I have enjoyed making these Funfetti Pancakes in the past, or I LOVE using my Wilton Donut Baking Pans to make some easy breakfast treats at home. Yum!

We also have a favorite donut spot I will take them to if I feel like going out instead. Use the morning to connect and build excitement for being together and beginning this new year of learning!

2. Take a fun field trip

This also doesn’t have to be anything fancy. Maybe you head to a local park for a picnic lunch, or your town has a fun museum or some place to explore.

The local library can also be a great place to visit, and you can pick up books to fill your book baskets while you’re there. You can make this trip as “school-y” as you want to.

3. Gather new school supplies

You might spend some time decorating binders and folders and notebooks if you have younger kiddos; get out the stickers or vinyl cutter and have fun with personalizing the school supplies! This can really help kids take ownership of their materials, plus it’s fun (and we can count it for art, right??).

I’ve read that some families do a school supply scavenger hunt, so if you want to hide the supplies around the house and have the kids search for them as a fun activity, have at it!

4. New first day outfits

A brand new outfit sets the stage that we are beginning something new. A new year, possibly new routines (at least new from what we have been doing over the summer). Plus, they will have fun dressing up and looking polished for #5:

5. Take first day of school photos

We’ve taken a first day photo in the same spot each year, and it’s fun to see the difference even just over the past couple of years.

Happiness to Homemade has some free, cute printable signs you can print out for these photos, or you can grab these ones from Amazon.

6. First day of school interview

I just love having the kids fill these out, not only to see what they write down about themselves, but they will be so fun to look back on as they grow. I love this printable from Juggling Act Mama.

7. Write letters to themselves

We haven’t done this one yet, but my kids are getting to the age where it might be kind of fun. I saw an idea to have them write a letter to themselves, put it in an envelope, and then read it on the last day of the school year. Younger kids could draw a picture or even narrate a letter to you.

8. Write a note for your kids to leave on their chair before breakfast

This would also be a really sweet idea for the kids to come downstairs to. With the new baby this year, I have taught my kiddos how to make a variety of options for breakfast, and so they are expected to be downstairs, dressed, and have breakfast taken care of while I am feeding the baby and getting him ready. I would love to try this this year and leave notes for them to read before starting our day.

9. Decorate the school room

I’m not quite sure what first day of school decorations would look like, but I think this would be a fun idea! Streamers, maybe balloons, something festive to signify that there is something special about this day to ramp up the excitement (although balloons would be rather distracting in our house).

Would love to see your ideas for this in the comments!

10. End the day with a trip for ice cream

(Don’t think anything else needs to be said about this one!)

What do you think?? Do you have any fun traditions that you like to do to start your homeschool year off on the right foot? Leave a comment below if you have any you’d like to share!

Finally, as you’re getting organized for your school year, make sure you have some fun homeschool swag to wear! Check out Homeschool Style Co. for tons of fun homeschool apparel and accessories.

Have a great year!

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